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ONTO World Congress



The 2023 ONTO deadline has passed, but check back in December for World Congress 2024!

JCI World Congress

The annual event uniting over 3000 young and global active citizens who are leaders, entrepreneurs, partners, and stakeholders

JCI World Congress is the uniting event of JCI members and alumni from all around the world. During the event, JCI delegates will participate in inspirational sessions, impactful workshops and official JCI meetings, all timing at developing young leaders who will ultimately play a part in creating positive change in their local communities and the world at large.

What is ONTO?

The cost of traveling for World Congress can make it seem not feasible to go. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The ONTO World Congress program offered by JCI USA is an incredible opportunity for members to attend the World Congress without having to worry about the upfront cost. By breaking up the cost of hotel and registration into monthly payments, members can make the trip more affordable and manageable for their budget. This program does not include flights, but it does cover the majority of the expenses associated with attending the World Congress.

What's included in ONTO

2023 ONTO Package

The total package for ONTO Switzerland will be $1,600. This will break down to a $100 deposit and seven monthly payments of $214.31. ONTO includes:

  • 6 nights of lodging in a double occupancy room (check in Monday, Nov 13 and check out Sunday, Nov 19)

  • World Congress registration

  • JCI USA swag pack

  • Credit card processing fee

We will do our best to keep delegates in the same hotel but this may change based on availability. Please keep in mind your flight will be on your own.

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