GenerationWhat? Membership Recruitment Support




It's 2021 and it's time to get more members to your chapter. JCI has partnered with Caitlin Crommett & GenerationWHAT? to provide multiple opportunities for learning, growth, and ACTION to help you gain new members now.


Fill out our interest form and take advantage of these opportunities TODAY:

1. Individualized Growth Coaching Sessions 

Three one-on-one sessions with Caitlin and your chapter representatives to talk through challenges, create opportunities, and improve your chapter recruitment strategies. Get the opportunity to take a deep-dive into engaging, recruiting and engaging those young people in your community under the age of 25 or as they are formally known as GenZ.

*JCI USA is excited to partner with GenerationWhat? To secure this opportunity at a $600 value for just $100. JCI USA believes this investment is worth it and encourages you to utilize resources , state and national foundations to secure funds for this opportunity to grow and sustain your chapter’s membership for years to come!


2. Monthly All-Chapter "Grow Your Membership"

Town Hall Meetings

FREE Monthly sessions open to all JCI USA chapters with Caitlin to learn new growth strategies, discuss challenges & successes, and connect with other chapter leaders to build together. We will discuss specific challenges your chapter may be having with recruitment, give you tools to help solve those problems, and prepare you for one of your biggest growth years ever. 


Town Hall meetings will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pmCST on Zoom.


















MAY 19 | 7pm CST | TikTok and Youtube

Tutorials on short-video social platforms to engage and recruit Gen Z


Introduction to Generation Z • Social media recruitment tactics

Communication with younger recruits / members • How to engage Gen Z

And much more!

3. Access to the GenerationWHAT? 5Gen Academy

An online course focused on leading a multigenerational organization, with tips and tricks that you can use as you launch your new recruitment & retention strategies throughout the year. (Normally $299 but FREE for all JCI Chapters for 1 year)

Join our online Mini-Academy Course specifically designed for Jaycees. 





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