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COVID-19 Updates

JCI USA is closely monitoring the pandemic of COVID-19 and continually assessing the potential impact on JCI USA administration, events, travel and members.


Our top priority is always your health and safety. Find information below regarding Jaycees activities that could be impacted. New information will be made available here as we receive it.

#JCIEmpowersMe and US

We as members should live and lead by example. Be kind and patient. Embrace the opportunity to be active citizen with maintaining your health. Pick up the phone to connect with others. Take some time to focus on self-care and relaxation.

Chapter and State meetings

JCI USA recommends that members and participants follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and your national, regional, or local health authorities to protect your health and safety. If authorities recommend it, postpone or cancel in-person meetings, or conduct them online or by phone. Closely examine your personal circumstances, including any health issues, when you consider travel and participation in events.

Opportunities to Connect Online

JCI USA would like to offer our platform services to host video phone meetings via our and software. Please contact Chief of Staff Krista Shafer to take advantage of this opportunity at

JCI USA Executive Team—along with State and Local Organizations—are creating digital opportunities almost daily for members and non-members alike to connect and support each other through the isolation.

JCI USA Leadership LIVE

Thursdays at 7pm CST, catch National Vice President Miranda Williams interviewing fellow JCI leaders and experts Facebook LIVE. You can review previous episodes on our Video tab of our Facebook page.

JCI USA Instachats

Catch Leaders interviewing one another, members, project chairs, innovators and other experts in Instagram LIVE. Feed remains available on our story for 24 hours.

JCI Game Night

Your hosts and JCI USA Leaders, Ross Ratliff and Margo Dirkson ask any and all game lovers to tune in at 8pm CST on Tuesday and Saturdays (Meeting ID 797 341 585) to enjoy one another’s company and have a blast with different games. UNO seems to be a main staple of the group. Enjoy!

Chapter & State Community Engagement Opportunities

JCI USA would like to take this time to ask our chapter leaders to think through upcoming activities and events and follow guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is our recommendation that our chapters begin to refocus upcoming projects and energy toward contacting local police, fire, food, education, and health departments to find out where our members can help in the community during the next few weeks. We are the organization that brings the community together. Our proactive efforts can see great impact for our future success.


Applying Active Citizen Framework TODAY

ANALYZE: Examine Community Needs

Work as a team to begin reaching out to city departments including local police, fire, food, education, and health departments to find out what the current and upcoming community needs are. (ie. food & supply shortages; childcare; getting groceries to elderly; connecting people outside of public gatherings; proper actions/hygiene; occupying youth’s time while out of school)

DEVELOP: Formulate Sustainable Solutions

When your community departments have given you proper and informed data and information, begin laying out plans for projects to support your community. Work to find community partners, businesses and organizations that can help you in your efforts to tackle the challenges to meet the needs and solutions we are striving for. (ie. blood drives; awareness campaigns on direction for how to stay healthy; support programs for local small business; food/supply drives to those less fortunate; opportunities for community to share the wealth of supplies; etc.)

EXECUTE: Take Action

Move forward on developed projects and take action! Continue to work with you community partners and city departments to stay on top of the needs being addressed.

REVIEW: Monitor & Evaluate Results

Assess and reflect on the actions being taken and the results being seen. Continue successful actions and begin to adjust failed actions. We can learn from those opportunities and try new solutions! Keep all involved apprised of changes and new directions. Continue to get feedback and input from all involved.

JCI USA-funded travel

JCI USA recommends that JCI USA-funded travelers follow the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and your national, state, or local health authorities to protect your health and safety. We will be placing travel on hold for all JCI USA officers for the next two months. We as a national organization will continue to support and be a resource for you during this challenging time. We recommend that chapters and their state work together to make the best decisions for our members and communities.

JCI USA Member Self-Care Recommendations

Your most important line of defense is YOURSELF—and being healthy is a part of that. Our bodies are the ones that will inevitably have to fight this thing off… Worried about the gym? Body weight exercise at home can still get the heart pumping and help maintain that healthy lifestyle needed to best protect yourself. Exercise and diet is one of the top ways to keep your immune system in shape—that invisible battle ground inside your body. Anxiety and stress are big dampers on that system and a little exercise goes a long way to lowering both those.

As much as @disneyplus and @netflix will help us get through some parts of this pandemic keep in mind to try stay healthy too – run those stairs, get out and walk your pets or hike those trails, do those pushups and do those downward dogs. Choose those full fruits and vegetables and a balanced diet—listen to your body and it’s cravings as that’s how your body tells you it’s in need of something. We are super blessed to live in the United States—we will get through this—protect your body; protect yourself; stay positive.

“Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these: Don’t smoke. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation. Get adequate sleep. Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently… Try to minimize #stress.”


Thank you again for exemplifying what it means to be
young active citizens and collaborating together to support our communities through times like this.

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