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As an organization that develops leaders for a changing world, JCI USA provides members with a wide range of opportunities to develop themselves, their local and international communities, and their entrepreneurial endeavors through hands-on experience. The JCI USA Action Framework is the methodology that guides JCI USA members through this hands-on experience.

Whether members want to make a real economic impact through local job creation or professional education, create a strong business plan that can yield new jobs, organize a local, state, national, or even international event, or develop their personal skills, the JCI USA Action Framework provides a roadmap for JCI USA members to tackle these challenges and turn them into extraordinary opportunities.

The JCI USA Action Framework is designed to help create strong JCI USA actions that are centered around the four Areas of Opportunity.

JCI USA members develop their skills and become true JCI USA leaders by fostering:

  • International Cooperation through exciting and innovative events,

  • Individual Development through leadership and personal development training,

  • Business and Entrepreneurship through flagship programs, 

  • Community Impact through projects anchored in helping sustain and rebuild local economies, motivate the workforce through youth entrepreneurship and promote mental health awareness.

Action Framework

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