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our philosophy, mission and vision

JCI USA's Core Philosophy is to inspire confidence, unite communities, enhance equal opportunities, establish justice, embrace cultural diversity, and create sustainable impact. Guided by our core philosophy, we are empowered to create sustainable impact. 

JCI USA's Mission is to provide leadership development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

JCI USA's Vision is to be the foremost global network of young leaders.

your platform for leadership development

Young people across the world are looking for ways to lead and drive positive change. From climate change to economic equality, there are so many challenges to tackle. Junior Chamber International (JCI) exists to be your platform for developing your leadership skills while addressing issues at the local, national, and international stages. 


When joining, you'll build connections with other young leaders from across the country and world at every step of your journey becoming a leader and change maker. Every leader’s journey is different but through JCI USA you’ll have access to:


skill development

When you join, you're not just joining a nonprofit organization; you're enrolling in a real-world leadership program. You’ll develop essential skills such as project management and public speaking while driving positive change.

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community impact

We're all about turning passion into action. Our members lead and organize community projects that drive real, positive change. It's not just talk; it's tangible, hands-on impact.


JCI opens doors to a world of incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds. Forge connections that can lead to lifelong friendships and professional opportunities from around the world.

change maker connections


Expect to see remarkable personal growth as you gain confidence, improve your decision-making abilities, and expand your horizons. Your leadership journey should be transformative!

personal growth


We believe in the power of a good time. Our events and gatherings blend education and enjoyment seamlessly. From community service projects to social meetups, we work hard to ensure you have a fantastic time along the way.

a good time with others!

a history of changemakers

With over a century of history, there are a lot of accomplishments that we're proud of. We also acknowledge that there have been times where we have fallen short of our values; from these lessons, we are always striving to be an inclusive organization that empowers young change makers from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Below are some of the highlights that have inspired our current initiatives and programs. For our history buffs, you can check out the full history of the organization here.

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