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Ty Johnson

24, NFL Runningback
Cumberland, Maryland

Raised by a single Mom, Ty has pushed for a great education and enjoying the sport of football. He’s accomplished many goals for the NFL, but his heart has always remained on his family and community.

Ty started working with children while still attending college in his hometown of Cumberland, MD. Once drafted to the NFL, he’s continued to support and be a model for local youth advising them to focus on education and the fun of sports will come.

He has donated time and funding to summer lunch program, assisting coaching and conditioning with youth in football, donated to the Western Maryland Jaycee Christmas shopping tour for underprivileged youth, Salvation Army Christmas tree angel, Covid emergency funding, Detroit Christmas program for youth, fort hill high school football program. Anytime Ty sees a family or child in need, he’s quick to assist. He’s working on developing more programs for the youth in his hometown to help.

Ty Johnson
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