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Olia Morales

Military Officer, United States Air Force
San Antonio, Texas

In April 2016 Lieutenant Olia Morales enlisted in the United States Air Force out of Fargo, North Dakota as an airman first class. After completing Basic Military Training and the Human Resources Technical School, Airman First Class Morales started her career at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas as a Human Resources Technician, an Air Force Heritage Museum Ambassador, a Military Deployments Department Manager, and an Honor Guard guardsman.

As a Human Resources Technician, Airman First Class Morales safeguarded the Humana Military Health Care entitlements for 9,500 uniformed service members and their families. She accomplished this by maintaining and managing the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Airman First Class Morales used the database to allow 15,500 Department of Defense ID card holders the option to replace their military identification card without the need to travel outside the Air Force installation. She drafted military re-enlistment contracts which successfully distributed $3M in retention bonus payments to qualified reenlisting active-duty personnel.

Between 2017 and 2019, while stationed at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, Senior Airman Morales volunteered as a Pantry Manager for the New Braunfels and San Antonio Food Banks. As soon as she was promoted, Staff Sergeant Morales became a Child Advocate for Child Advocates of San Antonio. In total, she dedicated over 600 hours of off-duty time to a cause she to which she was drawn, where she was able to help children and the disadvantaged.

In 2020, after being selected as a candidate to become an officer, and while attending Officer Training School, Trainee Morales continued to lead by example. Despite her busy schedule as Class Leader, she spent many after-duty hours helping fellow trainees who were having a hard time being away from their loved ones, struggled academically, or had personal struggles they were attempting to navigate. Officer Trainee Morales' Flight Commander described her as “a servant leader” and “someone who never stops caring about others no matter the circumstance.”

In late 2021, as a newly minted Second Lieutenant and upon fresh arrival to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Lieutenant Morales became essential to the successful implementation and completion of the largest humanitarian airlift in the history of the United States, and one of the largest airlift operations in human history. As a volunteer for Operation Allies Welcome and Operation Allies Refuge, Lieutenant Morales distributed food, water, and basic needs to 35,000 displaced Afghan evacuees. She also led a 35-person team and provided them with morale and welfare activities, maintained clean quarters, and ensured vaccinations were administered to meet requirements and guarantee the safe movement of Afghan refugees to America.

After graduating Intelligence Technical School in 2021, Lieutenant Morales found out that one of the most important persons in her life, her aunt, had cancer that was progressing at a significant pace. Lieutenant Morales spent nearly thirty days and nights with her, finding the best doctors available, and giving her the best quality of life possible. Although her aunt passed, Lieutenant Morales always remembers one of her favorite quotes… “your time is only as valuable as the person you give it to.” In Lieutenant Morales’ case, she will always have time for children and the disadvantaged.

In 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Lieutenant Morales felt the urgent need to do more than just her 12-hour shift in the office, as well as acting interpreter for the Commander of the United States Air Force.

Since the beginning of her career, Second Lieutenant Morales demonstrated a strong desire for helping others and the ability to lead in a variety of capacities.

Olia Morales
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