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MSgt. Kenzi B. Pewitt

32, United States Air Force
Nashville, Tennessee

Kenzi graduated High School Honors and continued that education upon entering Active-Duty Air Force. In 2018, she completed her Associates degree in Emergency Management through the Community College of the Air Force. She chose Emergency Management to enhance her skillset within her career as an Air Force Emergency Actions Controller. Shortly after, Kenzi strove towards her bachelor’s degree with an interest in History. She is now 93% complete with a BA in History. Once finished, she has every intention of initiating her Masters in Transformational Leadership through the University of Maryland Global Campus.

While working on her degrees, she has completed Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and Airman Leadership School where she was elected as class lead. Kenzi has attended countless Professional Development Seminars in Leadership, Communication, Strategic Vision, and much more. To be prepared for a joint environment with sister services, she attended a 3-day classified course with combat support agencies taught by multiple Department of Defense (DoD) organizations. To surpass her peers even further through military education, Kenzi has completed Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education version 1 and is now enrolled in version 2. Both versions are self-paced, 40-hour plus courses. She has received her Yellow Belt to assist the Air Force in the Continuous Process Improvement mentality towards innovation. To maintain career focus, Kenzi has reached out for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training where she enrolled and completed approximately 20 courses through the FEMA Institute.

Kenzi holds an altruistic mindset, an element that not all humans naturally own or value. This has been proven in her actions listed above. Her first selfless act was joining the U.S. Air Force to protect and defend her country. She exemplifies “that service to humanity is the best work of life” through consistently helping others for the past 12 years while on and off duty and in a variety of ways. Her fundamental kindness has impacted hundreds of people and displayed the importance of the service of

humanity in hopes to provide a better future.

MSgt. Kenzi B. Pewitt
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