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Chelsea Kay

37, Insurance Operations Manager
Canyon Country, California

When Chelsea moved to the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley in 2012, she was fortunate enough to have been offered a full-time position as an agent with a local insurance agency. This has provided her with more opportunities to serve others in ways she could not have imagined, such as picking up an elderly client after an auto accident so his groceries would not spoil or bringing flowers to a newly widowed spouse.

Chelsea takes great pride in her work strategies and personal service to help build her business while helping clients protect all they have worked so hard for. She and her partner also started their own business by acquiring rental properties and providing housing for military personnel, which she manages.

Chelsea struggled with drugs and alcohol for 7.5 years which led her down many challenging roads, including an abusive relationship, having her child taken away, and seeking help with her sobriety. This is what Chelsea has to say about her sobriety.

“My sobriety date is 1/11/2011 and that is the most important date of my life. It is the date where I re-established my purpose. It is the date that I was able to use my past to help others get through their present. I sponsor women who have the same story as me… they made bad choices and now they want a new and better way of life."

Apart from home and work, Chelsea has many other opportunities to serve others. As a woman in recovery from addiction, she attends and leads regular support meetings and speaks at conferences, conventions, and on panels, as well as sponsors several individuals dedicated to their own sobriety. She has the same dedication to all her friends who she has helped when they needed it most. She is always amazed at how even small actions can make a big difference.

In the midst of a busy and demanding life, Chelsea has added extensive world travel to share with her kids the beauty of the world and show them what it has to offer while allowing them to experience other cultures and traditions firsthand, and has added to her own experiences with an avid love of live theater, art, and music. Chelsea has recently expanded her own boundaries further by returning to school and will graduate with honors next spring with a bachelor’s degree in business. She believes that enriching her own life is the best example she can provide for her kids.

Chelsea has a very full yet amazing life that manifests in helping others. She is not defined by her past, nor is her future limited by what she has achieved so far. Helping others will always be a part of her journey, and she looks forward to seeing where her path will take her.

Chelsea Kay
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